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What is Artificial Insemination?

Have you considered using this system in your breeding program? You could be living in Scotland and use a stallion standing at stud in Cornwall. Using our AI services means your mare can be covered at your home of at our stud with none of the problems normally involved with natural covering.

AI or Artificial Insemination involves the collection of semen from the stallion using specialized equipment followed by the insemination of the mare. AI can be used to breed mares with fresh semen or the semen can be placed in an Equitainer and sent to the mare. This cools the semen whilst it is in transit (so saves vital time) and allows the semen to be used up to 72 hours after collection.

We also offer semen collection from your stallion which has a number of advantages, a competition stallion can continue competing uninterrupted and it can save on problems associated with natural covering such as injuries and disease.