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Written by Mandy   
Sunday, 16 March 2008 17:32




9.30 AM START – RING 1 (SHOWING RING) – Judge Mrs Lorraine Ball

 CLASS 1 – Open Ridden Hunter exceeding 158 cm (15.2 hh).

CLASS 2 – Small Ridden Hunter exceeding 153 cm (15 hh) and not exceeding 158 cm (15.2 hh).

CLASS 3 – Open Ridden Cob.

CLASS 4 – Open Riding Horse exceeding 153 cm (15.hh).

CLASS 5 – Open Ridden Coloured horse (including appaloosa).

CLASS 6 - Potential ridden competition/show horse born in 2007 to be shown in-hand.

CLASS 7 - Potential ridden competition/show horse born in 2005/2006 to be shown in-hand.

Championship for 1st & 2nd prize winners in Classes 1-7


CLASS 8 – Leading Rein Pony. Riders 7 years and under.

CLASS 9 – Ridden Best combination 10 years and under.

CLASS 10 – Ridden Best combination 11 to 13 years.

CLASS 11 – Ridden Best combination 14 to 16 years.

Championship for 1st & 2nd prize winners in Classes 8-11

9.30 AM START – RING 2 (WORKING HUNTER RING) – Judge Mr Roger Pascoe

(Courses built by BSJA Course Builder Clive Phillips)______________________

CLASS 12 – Nursery stakes. Riders 12 years and under. Max height of jump 75 cm.

CLASS 13 – W.H.P. not exceeding 133cms (13.hh). Riders 14 years and under. Max height of jump 90 cm.

CLASS 14 - W.H.P. exceeding 133cms and not exceeding 143cms. Riders 17 years and under. Max height of jump 1.00 m.

CLASS 15 - W.H.P. exceeding 143cms.and not exceeding 153cms. Riders 20 years and under. Max height of jump 1.05 m.

Championship for 1st & 2nd prize winners in Classes 12-15

FOLLOWING CLASSES TO START APPROX 1-1.30 PM – Judge Mr Justin Shakerley

CLASS 16 - Novice Working Hunter – exceeding 153 cm (15.hh).

Jumps not to exceed 3 ft 3 ins.

CLASS 17 – Open Working Cob. Jumps not to exceed 3 ft.

CLASS 18 - Open Working Hunter – exceeding 153 cm (15.hh).

Jumps not to exceed 3 ft 6 ins. (Foaling Bank Qualifier to be confirmed).

Championship for 1st & 2nd prize winners in Classes 16-18.

ENTRIES: £5 per class (on the day)


Out of the comfort zone into the fire!! Print E-mail
Written by Starjump1   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 20:14
Time to get back into the routine of showjumping at Chyverton Park and out of my comfort zone! I've run out of excuses to still go in the 2'9" and Mel won't let me get away with it anymore(I tried last week when she was at the stallion show), so lept I have into the next two classes. Things are going well and I know I've got to do it but that dry mouth and butterflies are back, sad I know! Jago seems completely unfazed and is going in and doing his stuff so now the pilots got to do the same! Sadly (for me) Mary has decided that time off is great and has now damaged her hock so looks like lots of box rest and then more fittening work, I will have to put our come back,back!Cry Alison
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Written by Mel   
Sunday, 02 March 2008 13:10

Stallion Show at Tall Trees

Yesterday March 1st i took Eclipse to Tall Trees for thier Stallion show.

What a great opportunity for mare owners to select a prospective sire.

Their were about 25 stallions parading which im sure made it worth while for mare owners to make the trip to Tall Trees.

Each stallion gave a display and imformative commentry read out. The gallery was full to the brim as well as the dinning area with spectators.

It was one of the smoothest run stallion shows i have been to. The Deithrick family did a great job with the organisation. A big thank you to Jackie, Clare and Katie. I do hope you will run it again next year. All the mare owners i spoke to hope it will be on next year also.

For My Eclipse it was a very worth while trip as he had several bookings for the coming stud season.



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XC Schooling Print E-mail
Written by Mel   
Sunday, 02 March 2008 12:48

First XC schooling session for Mouse and Ermintrude at Chyverton Park




(left) Mouse jumping one of her first xc fences.

The lovely ears belong to Lorna Rodda's Tilly who was very a very good nanny.

(right) Ermintrude and Anna in action.

Both of these mares are Eclipse children and will aim to do some events later in the season.

 We were really pleased with how they went and i think they enjoyed their introduction to xc.

Two exciting prospects for the coming season.


While we were riding

Anna's son Sam trying very hard to make friends with some lambs.

Then it all got much more interesting!



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Nice Wellies! Print E-mail
Written by Wellly watcher   
Sunday, 02 March 2008 12:31

Sorry you were caught!

Pete trying to remove his partners wellies before being spotted.

Sorry pete but you were caught with those lovely coloured wellies on and i could not resist sharing the evidence.


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Written by Mel Hennah   
Saturday, 23 February 2008 16:48

Sand school

The digger has been working all week getting the levels correct. Today we laid the perimeter drains.

Next job is to get the post and rail fencing up. Then more drains.

Big thankyou to Mark for helping me today. As seen in a trench below!




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Written by Mandy Holman   
Wednesday, 20 February 2008 19:20




Groups of no more than 5 - contact Mandy Holman at Chyverton Park (

(Individual sessions or other dates can be arranged)


If interested in in doing another date please call Mandy or send Mel a message through this site


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Written by Mel Hennah   
Sunday, 17 February 2008 19:10

Delighted to have great old friend back riding again

Great old mate Anna Barrington who built my fantastic new web site. Which i have to say i think she has done brilliant job.

Anna and myself worked for the Wiegersma family when they were based at Tregembo in west cornwall. We were very lucky to have had Carolyn Crieghton training us. Though i am sure we drove Carolyn mad when our odd late night back from a trip to Penzance meant we were pretty useless the next day!

Anna was a class jockey in her eventing days and rode at high level such as Blenham three day event.

And i am pleased to say she still looks as good riding my stallion last week. Babysitting her three year old son 'Sam' while she schools some of my horses is the deal which so far is ok but if Sam starts being difficult i think it only fair the horse she is schooling gets more difficult! Luckily for Anna her son is a bit of a charmer.

Though i think Anna has had a harsh reminder of those muscles which she forgot she had!

Look forward to your next visit Anna.


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Pirates EGM Print E-mail
Written by Colin   
Monday, 11 February 2008 21:45



Following the recent resignations of president

Dicky Evans and chairman Robin Turner,

an Extraordinary General Meeting

will take place at St. John's Hall,Penzance,

Monday 25th February at 7.30pm.

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