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Badminton 3DE 2008 Print E-mail
Written by Mel Hennah   
Monday, 05 May 2008 19:33

Badminton 3DE 2008

Congratulations to Lucy and Shaabrak for a world class performance

Lucy and Shaabrak at the first trot up on Wednesday.

Im sure the whole of the west country has had a fantastic but heart stopping week watching Lucy and Shaabrak this week at Badminton.

I was lucky enough to get up to Badminton to watch the first trot up on Wednesday.

Lucy and Shaabrak were turned out to perfection both looking very smart.

I met up with Carolyn after the trot up who took me to watch Lucy schooling Shaabrak along with all the other riders.

I have to say I thought they looked in a class of their own. I have never seen them look such a team. Lucy's riding was a pleasure to watch.

The next few days were spent nervously watching the TV and getting my well informed texts from the Turriff family who were lucky enough to be up there for the whole week.  Also on Saturday, Clare Beecham went up for the day so Clare kept me well informed also.

A very good dressage test left them in 3rd position after Friday dressage - a great position to start out cross-country.  Then came a very tense start to Saturday's cross-country when a lot of the top riders had problems throughout the course - Lucy was later in the day, so we had a long time to wait and get anxious!  But as always, Shaabrak and Lucy put in a world class performance cross-country leaving them in 2nd place ready for the show jumping phase on Sunday.  After a clean bill of health in front of the ground jury on Sunday morning, the day seemed to take forever to get to Lucy's show jumping slot!  We all held our breath, when Shaabrak knocked the 2nd fence down, but Lucy showed her professionalism by holding her nerve and leaving all remaining jumps up!  Wow, a confirmed 2nd place!  Nicholas Touzant, the overnight leader only had one fence in hand, but (unfortunately!!) left it up!!  

Also, it must be appreciated, what a good support team Lucy has.  One of the most important people must be Caroline Creighton, who did all of Ross' fitness work - she certainly got that right!!  For me that is of no surprise as Caroline is the best of the best!! 

Jade Lazenby - an excellent performance with Master Blaster.

Another proud person must be Jade, pictured above at the first trot-up, looking very smart in her suit!  An excellent performance cross-country with only one run-out over a course that caused numerous problems for many top riders.  Jade finished off her Badminton with a clear round in the show jumping on Sunday - well done Jade.



Sand school Print E-mail
Written by Mel Hennah   
Sunday, 06 April 2008 18:35

Progress at last!

More work has been done to the sand school at last1

It is looking a lot closer to being finished after this weekend. All the drains are now in and the holes for the post and rail fence are dug. So next is to put up the fence then we are nearly their!

Thanks to Mark and my lovely nieghbour Ron we have made more progress.

Fence is now up and the stone is in just got to be levelled then rolled which should hopefully be done this weekend.



Deep in concentration!



8pm And Mark has just finished the fence! Innocent

Rod Stewart! Print E-mail
Written by Mel Hennah   
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 20:34

Meet Rod!

Beck you were looking for some new chickens, and today I met the one!

He is great. Very friendly and has the most amazing hairdoo!

He also comes with a wife that has a wounderful "bouffant"!!

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Great lesson! Print E-mail
Written by Alison   
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 12:49

Tuesday 1st April, I thought Mel had played an april fool when i got to chyverton park for my lesson, there were lots of pony clubbers there due to a rally, was she trying to tell me something?!  The lesson was great and Jago was a star jumping everything with ease that Mel put in front of us, even when I couldn't ride a straight line and my nerves showed (easy to tell I get the giggles and a fixed grin!). I was so proud of my horse I got it wrong enough times for him to give me a wake up call yet he never looked to stop and I am (still) grinning from ear to ear because Mel put up some of the biggest SJ I think I have ever done and I know Jago hasn't jumped that height before  FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks Mel Laughing 

And while mum was having her lesson!

Morewhena drew a fab picture of Mel and eclipse jumping.


Foal No.2 arrives Print E-mail
Written by Mel Hennah   
Thursday, 27 March 2008 07:36

Pimms new arrival Emily

Pimms has a lovely filly foal born at 10.20pm last night.

Just as i thought i might have an early night as i had been up since 3.30am with Amber having her foal Pimms decided it was her turn to foal.

All went very well and she was up and drinking in no time. At 1am i was watching her on the cctv  practing for Aintree i think as she was laping her mother in the stable at quite a good pace.



Emilys first day was much more lively. She had a couple of hours in the field.





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Cricklands Winter Dressage Finals Print E-mail
Written by Alison Steele   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 12:56
Jago and I were back in dressage mode over the weekend competing at The David Broome Event Centre, it was a bit chilly to be camping but we survived! Saturday was warm up day and thank god for that! someone thought palm trees around the area would look good, which they did but are they spooky in a gale force wind! Luckily for me,Jago couldn't of cared less about them so those thoughts of leaving the arena as quick as I entered were soon forgotten! We put in a good test and were 6th(there were 32 in the class) -which was where we stayed all weekend! We are consistant if nothing else and our marks did improved each day (sadly so did everyone's!!) It was good to be judged by completely new judges and come away with scores the same if not slightly better than we get at home!  . It was a really well organised event and I look forward to going back in the future, I hear they do a really good derby show.............. Now enough of this dressage, let the unaff ODE's begin can't wait!Smile  Thanks to Freya who helped groom and babysit. PS Mary still on holiday rubbish!?
New Arrival Print E-mail
Written by Mel Hennah   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 07:12

Amber's new foal Emlyn

At 4.30am Amber had a very healthy bay colt foal.

As it is my niece Emilys 16th birthday today i have named him Emlyn.




The first 24 hours Emlin has spent sleeping and drinking! As my lovely vet Joe says he is male!




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Shaabrak Print E-mail
Written by Mel   
Tuesday, 25 March 2008 21:26


at Hippodrome du Grand Parquet, Route d'Orleans, 77300, Fontainebleau, France
on Thursday 20 to Monday 24 March 2008


***W - World Cup Qualifier
***W - Section 03
3 BEN ALONG TIME Mr Clayton J Fredericks 30 36.5 8.0 - - 12.0 56.50
4 SHAABRAK Miss Lucy Wiegersma 27 47.8 4.0 2.0 - 2.8 56.60
6 NULLABOR Mr Clayton J Fredericks 21 37.0 12.0 - - 9.2 58.20
7 FAERE VISION Miss Jo May 18 41.5 - - - 20.8 62.30
10 MAGENTA Mr Alex Hua Tian - 51.3 4.0 - - 12.0 67.30
12 ZINZAN II Mr Rodney Powell - 44.8 12.0 2.0 - 10.8 69.60
18 TOM QUIGLEY Mrs Polly Stockton - 48.5 20.0 - - 10.4 78.90
23 HEIDE PRINZ Miss Mirella Vrolijk - 52.8 4.0 6.0 - 21.2 84.00
26 GLENBUCK Miss Zara Phillips - 53.0 32.0 - - 6.0 91.00
28 HEADLEY BRITANNIA Mrs Lucinda Fredericks - 41.5 4.0 - 20.0 32.0 97.50
29 LANGARTH DARCY Mr Rodney Powell - 46.3 12.0 - 20.0 28.8 107.10
Very well done to Lucy and Shaabrak for a great result in the world cup qualifier in Fontainebleau France last week. They were the highest placed Brit.
Shaabrak showing what a class horse he is again.


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Western Hunt Pony Club Print E-mail
Written by WHPC   
Tuesday, 25 March 2008 20:38








(by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Holman)




10a.m. start



12 & under (max. 2’ – short course) £12

2. Mini pairs (max. 2’0") £28 per pair

3. Mini 16 and under (max. 2’0") £16

4. Mini over 17 (max. 2’0") £16

5. Midi pairs (max. 2’9") £28 per pair

6. Midi 16 and under (max. 2’9") £16

7. Midi over 17 (max. 2’9") £16

8. Maxi open (max. 3’3") £16

Paramedic in attendance

Catering on site


For further details tel. 01736 710581 / 01736 810801.

(07810 453873 on the day)


Organised by W.H.P.C.

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