Advantages of Artificial Insemination

  • Reduces incidence of injury to the mare, stallion and the handlers.
  • Disease control: protects against a variety of diseases spread by skin contact in natural service. These diseases include the herpes virus, equine coital exthanema and contagious equine metritis.
  • Allows the use of older and valuable stallions. Stallion sperm count reduces as they age; using AI enables the correct amount of sperm to be used for each mare and removes the guess work.
  • Collection can be worked around competition commitments.
  • Allows more mares to be bred. Sperm from one ejaculation can be divided up at as many as 10 to 15 times on alternate day collection. This also reduces the overuse of a stallion.
  • Breeding from mares with problems. A mare with a foal at foot may become anxious when being served or she may not psychologically be ready for service.
  • Semen is evaluated each time it is collected. With AI we can check the fertility every time we collect semen. With natural service fertility rate can only be checked when pregnancy is established.
  • Stallion handling. A stallion coming to us for collection aids in the easier home management of him as he will not associate his own environment with covering.
  • Specialized equipment. Owners/producers do not have the expense of purchasing the necessary equipment and facilities.
  • No problems of having visiting mares at home of having to try mares.