Nomination Form for Delivery of Chilled Semen

Nominated Stallion
Name of Mare Owner
Contact Numbers

Mare Details
Height Age
Breed/Type Colour
Reg Society Reg No
Please supply breeding papers/identity document/vaccination certificate

Last date mare in foal or due date if in foal
Approximate date semen required

Arrangements for AI

Full co-operation between the mare owner, the stud, (Trenerth Equestrian/stud stallion standing at) veterinary centre is essential.  It is important that the AI centre and stud is kept informed of the mare’s progress and is informed as soon as the mare comes into season.

Unless collection is being arranged by yourselves, semen will be sent by overnight delivery, (charged at cost to mare owner).  NOTE – no overnight delivery on Sunday or Monday – additional cost if semen required on these days (to mare owner).  We accept no responsibility whatsoever for delays or the non delivery of semen due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Pregnancy Diagnosis
Further semen will only be sent on receipt of a veterinary certificate confirming the mare is not in foal.

Covering Certificates
All certificates will be forwarded to the mare owner on receipt of a positive pregnancy diagnosis certificate.

Stud fee and Collection fee
Trenerth Equestrian Resident Stallion £50.00
Walk in Stallions (plus transport at cost) £70.00

All fees are NFFR however, if further semen is required a further £50.00/£70.00 is payable.  Any outstanding accounts not settled by 1 September in the current year will forfeit the issuing of service certificates or eligibility for a free return.

I hereby state that I understand and agree with the Terms & Conditions of Trenerth Equestrian, Stud & AI Centre and the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge.