Nomination Form for Natural Service or AI at Stud

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Terms & Conditions

All mares must have clear clitoral swab prior to service.  For natural service hind shoes must be removed.  All owners are advised to insure their animals prior to arrival at Stud.  Although every care is taken, mares, foals and any equipment are left at the Stud at the owner’s risk.  No responsibility can be accepted for accident or disease and mares can only be taken on this understanding.  Any mare which is booked in for a natural service but is a risk to the stallion or ourselves will be covered by AI at the owner’s expense.

Veterinary Work
All veterinary work at the Stud, unless otherwise stated, will be carried out by Rosevean Veterinary Surgery, Penzance.  Mares will be billed per treatment by the veterinary practice direct to the mare owner.  All mares will, on veterinary advice, be given any medication or treatment deemed necessary for the cycling or fertility of the mare, and if left at the Stud after service will be scanned at the appropriate time. 

In the case of an emergency, if in our professional opinion a vet is required one will be called at the owner’s expense.  All outstanding veterinary fees must be paid to Rosevean Veterinary Surgery before the mare leaves the stud or payment may be left at the stud. 

At the discretion of the stud the mare’s feet will be trimmed, front shoes may remain on and will be replaced as necessary, all farrier charges will be added to the livery account.

Mares will be wormed at regular intervals – owners will be charged accordingly.

Stud, keep and any extra fees are payable on collection of the mare.  Stud fees are based on NFFR - this applies to the same mare in this and the following year.

Service certificates will not be issued until all fees (inc vet fees) are paid in full.

I hereby state that I understand and agree with the Terms & Conditions of Trenerth Equestrian, Stud & AI Centre and the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge.